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Incarnate LeadershipWhitworth University President Emeritus Bill Robinson encourages Christian leaders to wrestle with the implications of the apostle John’s introduction of Jesus, “and the word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

Robinson – a respected teacher, speaker and community leader – observes that Jesus’ model of incarnate leadership challenges leaders to:

  • Lead from among those they are called to lead
  • Lead openly and transparently
  • Lead humbly by reflecting glory
  • Lead with grace and truth, and
  • Lead sacrifically

Reflecting on 23 years of experience as a college president, Robinson develops these principles in his latest book, Incarnate Leadership: 5 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus. Conversational in tone and seasoned with real-life stories from his own successes and failures as a leader, Incarnate Leadership is indispensable reading for anyone in a position of leadership in a church setting, corporation, school board or home. Reflection questions and self-assessment suggestions make this short read ideal for group and team use.

Reviews of Incarnate Leadership:
“This is the kind of book that could only be the fruit of long, honest and self-critical experience. Bill Robinson looks at Jesus’ style of leadership: that Jesus dwelt with those he led, that he was seen by (transparent to) those he led, that he reflected his Father’s glory rather than hugged it to himself, that he spoke with grace and truth. This is a truly Christian discernment of what might be wise action, gleaned always from within earshot of the cries of those in most need of help.”

Iain Torrence
President, Princeton Theological Seminary

Incarnate Leadership is written by one who knows about leadership from a depth of experience. It rings with authenticity as does Bill Robinson himself. Frankly, I have not seen a book that challenges the reader quite like this one. The call to be transparent, real, and even authentic should speak to any who dares to lead.

Andrew K. Benton
President, Pepperdine University

“This book offers a unique blending of Christological truth with dust and grit reality about leadership. Clearly it was written by a leader who takes Jesus Christ more seriously than either our drive to succeed or our failings. Best of all, Robinson’s relentless honesty demonstrates how the incarnate truth of Christ really does make the leader more effective.”

Craig Barnes
Professor, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


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  1. Andrew Scribner / Oct 31 2012 11:58 pm

    Is there any work book for this book. I realize there are questions at the end of chapters. I plan to use this as the sole “leadership” book we will ever use. Awesome book

  2. Bill Robinson / Apr 22 2013 6:10 am

    Hey, Andrew,

    I hate to say this, but I forgot about this website, which is why I haven’t checked it and didn’t reply. Send my an email message at and I’ll send you my phone number. We can talk about your question. Also, next week (April 29) the book will be featured on Haven Today, a syndicated Christian radio show. You might get some ideas from that. Thanks, Andrew. Bill

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